Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Introduction to hacking

Hello World. The purpose of this blog will be to give back to the community in which i have learned so much about. I choose to write about this topic for  three reasons:
a) i enjoy it 
b) it's something i feel i'm qualified to write about.
c) it can help me to learn more

So lets start with what it means to "Hack". For me, it is to gain access (authorized or not) using computer software & programming knowledge of another system ran by an operating system. Hacking can be done to many things for good and bad reasons. A "Hack" can also be a modification of firmware or hardware for whatever justified reason.

However, i get the suspicion that most who stumble upon this blog are looking for point and click references or a step by step "how-to" guide. ( I will be doing that, with screenshots!)
BELIEVE me, i was there. I was a script kiddie. In todays world hacking comes a lot easier - as there are many tools and resources for you to use. Backtrack, the linux distribution, being a whole operating system full of hacking tools. 
My first tutorial will be about using ping, nmap and Hydra GTK in a method called bruteforcing to test security on email passwords and local router access. See you soon! 


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